How it benefits

Real Time Market analytics

Design, analyze, test and optimize hundreds of strategies in real-time. Be on top of your customers ever-changing needs and ahead of your competition.

Price Optimization

Using Gigaedge BI Solution for retail, One can analyze and adjust competitive pricing vis-a-vis competitor

Real Time Maximize Profit

Dynamic algorithm aggregates several pricing variables to set an optimal price by SKu where profit is maximized.

Retailers using gigaedge see a


Increase In Sales Revenue


Increase In Conversion Rate


Increase In Bottom-Line Profit

Advanced Analytics

  • Gigaedge Dynamic automatically analyzes your
    data and feeds it back into your repricing
    algorithm to keep it optimized
  • See the revenue results in real time to
    justify the impact

Price Optimization

  • Gigaedge Dynamic finds the pricing sweet spots enabling retailers to easily optimize product pricing
  • Each item is priced optimally according to conversion rates, competitors, traffic to SKU, price elasticity, demand curves, and more

Choose Your Strategy

  • Maximum Profit
  • Maximum Revenue while Maintaining Profit Margin
  • Maximum Revenue without Maintaining Your Margin

Our Services

Big Data & Analytics

Big Data advisory services, BI and Analytics

Retail Solution

Data from the competitors, Historical Analysis

Application Development

Enterprise Application, Cloud Based Application

Data Scraping

Product Scraping Services,Retail, Ecommerce Data

About Gigaedge

Our products enable businesses to grow faster, lower operational costs, and reduce information governance and security risks by improving business insight, impact and process speed.

Our Cloud Based Services and solutions provides business users with a more complete understanding of their customers, markets, and business operations. Formerly only available to data experts, this service is now available to all, without IT hardware investment, and backed by the Gigaedge Managed Cloud Services team.

Big Data Analytics enables business users to analyze Big Data with flexibility and ease, leveraging advanced and predictive analytics techniques without complicated data modeling. Big Data Analytics is a complete advanced analytics managed cloud service combining advanced analytics software, maintenance, and cloud management, plus professional and learning services to accelerate Big Data initiatives. With this new offering, the power of Big Data analytics is now available to business users and analysts in marketing, financial, and operational functions, driving better understanding of customers, markets and operations to deliver more targeted campaigns, create more relevant products and offers, or discover opportunities for performance improvements

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